Product Development

With an engineering group specialising in production, mechanics, mechatronics, electronics, and industrial design, our product development team prides themselves on their broad range of experience and expertise. With a focus on problem solving, our team takes concepts and develops them into smart solutions fit for manufacture and production.

At Lock Focus, we know that timing is a vital part of any project. Through our knowledge of project management and production implementation, our team has worked hard to develop a robust, streamline design process to reduce project lead-times.


At Lock Focus, ideation is the very first stage of any process. Using our in-house process, our team works with customers, sales staff, production, and installers to define the problem. From the information we gather we proceed to potential product solutions, prototypes and testing proposed solutions with customers and end users.


We believe that innovation is key to the future of our industry. Our industrial designers work with our engineers to help develop products that aim to lead their market segments by offering creative and unique solutions. With the aid of hand-drawn concepts sketches, we work with you to quickly develop the basic look, function and installation of a product. Along with 3D renders and digitally enhanced photography, we also provide customers with syling and aesthtic options to show how our product can be used to enhance your own design considerations.


Our broad team of highly skilled engineers are all equipped with the latest software and tools, to enable them to take products from a sketch on a page to a manufacturable assembly. All modelling is created using SolidWorks, allowing us the ability to support a number of different file types for  fast, accurate communication with suppliers, tool makers, and fellow manufacturers.


Lock Focus has been investing design resources in the electronics field, and are aiming to lead the way with our product innovation. Utilising the latest in BLE, NFC, and RFID, we enable our customers to be at the leading edge of product advancement.

Our electronics development facility is equipped with the latest in both hardware and software. We work hard to design, develop, and test systems in-house in order to speed up product development. We work closely with OEM customers and have the ability to tailor existing systems for an easier transition into electronics.


To aid in a quick turnaround from concept to finish product, our team use a range of prototyping techniques to prove out a design prior to tooling. Our in-house 3D printer provides fast, highly accurate parts for instant customer feedback and evaluation of fitments, assembly procedures, and function.


Lock Focus provide various testing services tailored to suite each customer’s specific needs. All in-house testing adheres to relevant Australian standards and can be carried out both through CAD simulations as well as full scale physical testing. Additional services include out-sourcing testing to a fully certified lab to obtain NATA certification.